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OOC: Application for Singularity

Player Information ;
Your Nickname: Surge
OOC Journal: [personal profile] surgeprise
Under 18? N!
Email/IM: HPlus Future
Characters Played at Singularity: HAL 9000, Doc/O'Malley

Character Information ;
Name: Kanaya Maryam
Name of Canon: MS Paint Adventures; Homestuck
Canon/AU/Other Game CR: Canon
Reference: The comic is actually ridiculously long, so here is the TV Tropes page, and here is the MSPA wiki page and here is the comic if you actually to read it. It's okay. Go on. I'll wait. Also, here is Kanaya's page on the MPSA fanwiki. See if you can see through the thick layer of bias that tends to permeate these things.
Canon Point: End of Act 5, en Route to the Green Sun and watching her friend slowly bleed to death.

Setting: Kanaya hails from Alternia, homeworld of an alien race known as Trolls. For the most part, the planet is populated by troll children, as all the adult trolls leave the planet when they come of age to go fight for the Empress. They are a race of conquerors that roam the galaxy in enormous fleets and take over planets on a regular basis, while leaving the children at home to fend for themselves. This goes about as well as one would expect, with rampant murder and LARPING (sometimes with extra murder) being a normal occurance.

Troll Romance. is primarily driven by hatred and pity and has 4 quadrants represented by the symbols in card suites. Two of them are sexual, while two of them are non-sexual, but still considered romantic.

Matespritship: Represented by <3. Flush Quadrant. Basically run-of-the-mill ~*~true love~*~. This is a sexual quadrant.
Kismesistude: Represented by <3<.Caliginous Quadrant. Fated nemesis. Intensely passionate hatred that also runs hand in hand with sexual attraction.
Moiralligence : Represented by <>. Pale Quadrant. Name means 'fated friends'. They balance each other out and keep each other in check so they aren't a threat to society or themselves. This is a non-sexual quadrant.
Auspiceticeship:Represented by c3<. Ashen Quadrant with a name that means 'promising truce'. Three way relationship in which two trolls who are black for each other are meddled with so that they don't go off and cheat on their black partner or murder each other out of hate or basically ruin their own quadrant. Also a non-sexual quadrant.

Like any relationship, these can be turned into one-sided occurrences and occasionally when it is too unstable, it results in a very poor quality romance of any kind. Trolls are, for the most part, pansexual with exceptions. For instance, Kanaya is solely attracted to female trolls. While she would be considered a lesbian on human terms, on Alternia it is just considered having a fetish for females. They also seem to regard friendship as a sort of disease separate from the romances, but at the same time they don't seem to mind it.

When a troll comes of age they must have found both a Kismesis and Matesprit, because when the Imperial Drone comes a-knocking, the pairs need to deposit their genetic material into the corresponding Filial Pails for Redrom and Blackrom, or else the drone kills them. The pails are taken to the Mother Grub in her cave and are mixed together for her into a sort of "incestuous slurry". She absorbs it all and pushes out eggs, from which troll larvae hatch. After hatching, they spin cocoons, pupate and undergo the trials, which are tests that exist solely to make sure the weak are killed. Providing they survive, they basically get an animal caretaker called a Lusus Naturae. With their lusus, the young troll emerges onto the surface of the planet and directs the Carpenter Drones, organisms left on the planet by adult trolls to assist in hive-building, into building a Hive for them. There are probably exceptions to the Hive building, as Sollux lives in a Communal Hive Stem, which is something like an apartment building.

Their lusus has the same color blood as they do, which is possibly part of what draws them together, as a new species has to be trained for Karkat due to his mutant blood. For the first few sweeps of their life, their lusus will care for them and keep them out of harm's way. It serves as something of a caretaker and protector, but as the troll grows older, he/she/zie becomes something of a zookeeper. They keep their lusus fed and sheltered while their lusus protects them from things that would like to kill them. Kanaya's Lusus is a Virgin Mother Grub, and protects her from the undead (troll zombies ) that patrol Alternia in the daytime.

On Alternia, there is a caste system in place based on blood color, of which every troll has a different one. Shades of red are the lowest, whereas shades of violet are the highest. Further separating the race is the division between Land Dwellers and Sea Dwellers, which is Exactly What It Says On The Tin. All blood colors from red to indigo are Land Dwellers and the remaining shades of violet are Sea Dwellers. Anyone with a higher blood color that someone else can give orders to the lower caste member, though there is nothing forcing the lowblood to follow said orders as the planet is full of children. Willingness to give and follow orders, as well as give a damn about the blood caste system, varies from child to child. When one enters military service off-planet, the caste system becomes less flexible and more important. Along with this, the higher the blood, the more luxurious the lifestyle. However, lowbloods are more prone to mutation and psychic power, which in turn makes them more susceptible to psychic powers. This also varies, as Vriska is a blue-blood, but can manipulate minds, and Nepeta is a green-blood but lives in a cave that is also a hive somehow.

Trolls have no Guardians like the Kids do. Instead, the closest concept they have to an ectobiological relative is an Ancestor. An Ancestor is an adult troll from the past who shares a blood color and symbol with a current troll, but it is unknown if they exist for trolls outside of the SGRUB mechanic. A young troll strives to follow in the footsteps of their Ancestor (Vriska) or models themselves after them while trying to improve upon themselves and their legacy (Terezi). The Ancestors of the main 12 trolls are important because they have played SGRUB before. And they fucked up pretty bad.

See, Alternia wasn't always like this and the version of Alternia Kanaya is from is one that had previously participated in a game of SGRUB. For all intents and purposes, Alpha!Alternia was a peaceful planet that was home to a peaceful race. Everyone got along and it was all sunshine and rainbows until 12 different troll children ended the world in order to play their version of SGRUB. Hoever, due to the nature of their race, they weren't prepared for the hardships the game threw at them and so they failed to create a new universe. In the end, they struck a deal with their session's Echidna (Mother of All Monsters). They would Scratch their session and start over, but this time they wouldn't be the ones playing the game. Instead, they would switch places with their Ancestors, who would play the game in their stead. Along with that, Doc Scratch, the First Guardian of Alternia would help morph the planet's past so that the new race would be able to withstand the hardships of the game.

However, one of the Ancestors wasn't accounted for when the Scratch was wiping out memories. The Signless (Troll Jesus/Karkat's ancestor), as he came to be called, still had flashes about what their planet used to be like and started to urge the masses to try to return to their peaceful roots. He traveled around with The Dolorosa (His Mother/The Virgin Mary/Kanaya's Ancestor), The Disciple (His girlfriend/Nepeta's ancestor) and The Ψiionic (brofriend/Sollux's Ancestor). The higher ups were not happy about all this bullshit being bandied about, so they had him killed and his followers enslaved. Only the Disciple escaped, and she was responsible for his words being carried into the future. Because of her, a cult following arose which spent their time waiting and preparing for a decendent to be born.

There was also another rebellion later that involved The Summoner (Rufio/Tavros' ancestor) and Marquise Spinneret Mindfang (Huge Bitch/Vriska's ancestor) had a part in. It too failed miserabley and ended with all adult trolls forced into leaving their home planet on mandatory decree.


SGRUB is an annoyingly complex game that pulls themes from chess and out of Andrew Hussie's ass. There are two kingdoms, Prospit and Derse. Prospit is full of white carapaces who worship the Genesis Frog see it as their duty to help the players in the creation of the universe and fight the Derse army. Derse is full of black carapaces who hate the Genesis Frog and call him mean names, and want nothing more than for the players to fail in their objective. Each planet is ruled by their respective Queens, while the Kings go out to do battle on Skaia. Skaia is the battlefield of the entire game, a force of great good and the eventual victim of the Reckoning when the Prospitians eventually lose.

Did I forget to mention that?

Yeah, Prospit is always destined to lose, no matter what. The White King dies, the Black King gets the scepter and uses it to start the Reckoning in order to wipe Skaia out of existance. This action is what leads to the home planet of the players being destroyed. Typically, depending on the events of a session, a some of the carapaces will become Exiles. The Exiles are basically there to help the kids in their pasts from their place in the future, as well as use the Bases they typically find to kickstart the birth of a new civilization.

Shit went a bit pear-shaped in the Kid's session, but this was how it happened (mostly) in the troll's session.

Prospit and Derse are also the homes of the dreamselves, which are exactly what they sound like, dream version of the players who sleep in the towers on Prospit and Derse's respective moons. The people who dream on Prospit have a veiw of Skaia and can see the future in its clouds. The dreamers of Derse hear the whispers of the Horrorterrors, who are basically possibly evil possibly good Eldrich abominations. Theyalso serve as an extra life for players in game (though it it spossible to start a session with yours dead), so that when a player dies, the dreamself replaces their old body. They also help a player go God Tier, by merging with their body once they die on their Quest Bed. Dreamselves, as shown by Jadesprite, apparently have a seperate set of memories that mostly revolve around their respective planets if they are isolated away from their player.

SGRUB (and by extension SBURB), also had a few other mechanics.
Underlings: Imps, Salamanders, Giclopes and more. These monsters were basically there to be killed and drop grist and other materials after they died.
Denizens: Super powerful NPCs that are there to give advice and also cause problems for the entire planet. They can later be killed, and their grist hoard unlocks the ultimate alchemy which is needed to make...
The Genesis Frog: It is the universe that the players are trying to create. Like literally the universe, made by breeding a ton of frogs and then adding in the DNA of a certain special frog.
Consorts: The inhabitants of whatever planet the players end up on in the Medium
Echeladder: Basic leveling system where players advance whenever they do something related to the quest they need to complete while they play the game.
Grist: Raw material used to make items.
Boondollars: Money. Also used to make items.

So basically through a series of fuck-ups and strange coincidences that aren't really coincidences, the trolls ended up in one large session of twelve instead of their intended two separate sections of six. None of their lusus' are alive and all of them, with the exception of Aradia, prototyped their kernelsprite with their dead lusus. Eventually it's revealed that SGRUB is the means by with universes make other universes and that the reward for the trolls beating their game is leaving their old universe for a new one that they created. Unfortunately a rift in paradox space caused by Bec Noir out of his need to destroy universes due to his Dersite nature pretty much ruined the fuck out of any chance of that happening. After being saved by one of Aradia's timeclones, they are now hiding from Bec Noir in the Veil where shit has gone down.

The Troll's session is basically solely responsible for creating the niverse that the Kids reside in. This was the universe they were barred entry from, and eventually they were able to trace the cause back to the kids. Several of the trolls (Karkat, Tavros, Kanaya, Terezi, and Vriska) began to regularly troll The Kids from the Veil with no particular goal in mind until they started actually helping the Kids and coming up with a plan on how to not die. They troll the kids with a chat client called Trollian, which allows them to jump around in time from the Kid's perspective and troll them in hte past, present or future, as well as watch their actions in the timeline on their monitors. This also works in their own session, though the veiwport feature is apparently absent, and the cross universe trolling network was set up by Sollux when they first arrived in the Veil.

The Kids themseves hail from Earth, crica 2009. It's pretty much exactly as you would imagine it with a few exception due to the fact that Earth is desitined to participate in SBURB. Syllidices are an inventory system where items can be stored on cards that are set to specifit modi, and then later cloned with the right equipment. Strife Specibi basically decided what that person can use as a weapon, if the weapon that matches their specibus becomes damaged, their specibus changes, such as when Dave goes from bladeKind to 1/2 bladeKind. These mechanics aren't unique to Earth, as the Trolls also had both of these things.

What is unique to the Kids is the concept of Guardians, who are basically ectobiological clones of themselves. Guardians have capabilities far beyond a normal human being's, and are able to take out notoriously high level monsters with ease. They are also the root of the Kids genetic codes, but unlike the Trolls, the Kids aren't proper genetic clones of their Guardians. John and Jade are cloned from a mix of Grandpa Harley and Nanna Egbert's, and Rose and Dave are cloned from Mom Lalonde and Bro Strider.

Alternia and Earth change a lot "after" the game has been played.

Alternia: Mostly wasteland and desert with the exception of a single large city that fans tend to call Midnight City. It is home to any caparaces who were able to escape the game, as the carapaces exist solely to create a new civilization. The entire city was created by Spades Slick, who runs the Midnight Crew. The Felt is the rival gang of the Midnight Crew and is lead by Doc Scratch. No one knows what the fuck they are, or how they came to be, though a popular theory is that no one really cares because the Intermission is great.

Earth: Desert wasteland. Apparently there are a bunch of carapaces on it probably, since the White Queen didn't leave alone, but there is no real civilization.


For the most part, Kanaya is the calmest of the trolls, which isn't saying a lot as most of them are hardly what one would call calm. She doesn't show emotion easily, not because she is incapable of it, but because she can deal with plenty of things without flipping her shit entirely. Most unusual occurrences are met with a straight face or a slight change in facial expression, unless the event is particularly shocking, which has been happening with more frequency as the series progresses. Most emotions in Homestuck are expressed in the chat logs, since the characters don't often meet facte-to-face until the game gets started, and Kanaya comes off as content and patient with just about everyone she talks to. Even Eridan, initially.

Her life and undeath (we will get to that), for the most part, centers around her duties. She considers it her duty to help out her friends, her duty to be Vriska's moirail and her duty to cut her lusus open to ensure the continuation of her race. She kept the Matriorb with her because she felt obligated to make sure that it hatched. Kanaya is very devoted to helping her friends, even when they don't want her help. Most of the other trolls regard her tendency to interfere as annoying, or mistake it as an attempt to auspicetice, but she stalwartly denies both. When they do need someone to help mediate between two trolls, Kanaya is usually the one they turn to. Eridan calls her the "twwo wwheel devvice of auspisticing" because she cannot seem to keep herself out of other trolls problems.

Still, Kanaya's tendency to help her friends gets rather creepy as fuck when one realises that she doesn't often take their option into account and she is more than willing to get her hands dirty if she thinks it will benefit them in the long run. Her rationality and desire to help tend to mingle and cloud her common sense which leads to strange things happening that she will insist is for the person's own good. She chainsaws Tavros' legs off and has Equius replace them with robotic ones, although she apparently didn't consdier asking him about it first. However, she is not always so kind and willing to help, especially when the person who is asking her for help treats her attempts at assistance with little appreciation and tries to order her around.

Kanaya is mostly stoic compared to the other trolls in the comic, but her her level-headed demeanor does occacionally slip, because she doesn't know everything and cannot predict everything like Terezi can. When Rose destroys the gate she needs to go through to get further in SGRUB and Kanaya is gobsmacked by the whole thing, asking Rose what the hell she did and what the hell she was thinking and NAG NAG NAG. Naging is like her past time. However, Kanaya is good at reigning in her emotions and while she appears to return to her usual calm mood, though she does continuously express concern for Rose's well-being and state of mind. It isn't so much that she has no emotions or empathy, just that they never make it to her facial expressions. She does occasionally feel the need to share her feelings, though it is usually a very awkward ordeal for her and it has to be pulled out most of the time. Because living in a desert alone with a giant bugmom you know is going to die soon, being apart of a naturally violent race, and learning your social cues from the internet, don't typically make for the most emotionally open individual.

Still, despite her seemingly relaxed nature, Kanaya is a troll.
She is nice. For a troll.
She is calm. For a troll.
She is reasonable. For a troll.
And when your race is made up of violent sociopaths, that is something to pat yourself on the back for. However, she isn't like a normal human child, or even a normal human being. When push comes to shove, Kanaya will maim, mutilate or kill. She does hold grudges and she does get angry, so sometimes nature gets the better of nurture and since her society doesn't exactly discourage violence, she doesn't see anything wrong with using it in certain situations. When Sollux is injured and Feferi is killed by Eridan, Kanaya is calm and ready to face him, only to completely lose it once the Matriorb is destroyed and rush at him, getting herself killed. She is more than happy to subdue her friends when they get out of control; for instance, she doesn't kill Vriska or Gamzee, but enemies get the same treatment as Eridan.

Although her lack of foul words and general attitude denotes her as someone who is very mature for her age, Kanaya is still 6 Solar Sweeps (13 y.o.) and does occasionally act like it. She never communicated the mating fondness she felt for Vriska, which ended up coming back to bite her when Vriska broke her heart by smooching Tavros' face off. After this incident, she refuses to show Vriska the same kind patience as she used to, acting distant and curt when Vriska tries to talk to her. Due to her lack of communication on both instances, Vriska has no idea why Kanaya is so upset at her, assuming that she is upset because Tavros "went for her" even though that isn't the reason at all. When she starts trolling Rose, she immidiately goes straight for the insulting conversation before actually getting to know her, because she's trying to troll Rose, and only knows that the Kids are somehow responsible for the ruination of their session, so she's bitter and immature about it.

She doesn't mind joking around occasionally, with most of her humor revolving around snarky and snide remarks. She doesn't mind bothering someone to get their attention either, going as far as to detach her F1 key and throw it at Sollux to get him to help her, though she might have done that to get him to open up, as he seemed to have grown more closed-off during his stay in The Veil. She is very good at troll sarcasm, which is typically used just because trolls want to be jerks, but she lacks an understanding in human sarcasm and how it fosters camraderie in friends.

She has a few issues with being factitious. It isn't that she can't lie, just that she occasionally doesn't see the point. She never lies to people about things or sugarcoats them (though her vocabulary does tend to be a bit on the verbose side), she just doesn't tell them because they usually never ask. Because of the way Doc Scratch raised her for a brief period of time, she doesn't see lies of omission as lies. She will be curt about certain things, and snarky about others, but Kanaya never ever lies.

You can pretty much tack the phrase "Unlike most trolls" onto anything that describes Kanaya and her tastes. She can withstand the Alternian Sun, which has canonically blinded another troll who looked at it for a short time, and actively enjoys the light it gives off. Kanaya enjoys fashion and landscaping, partaking in them both with varying intensity and delicacy. She is very accomplished in both of these, being able to make dresses and chainsaw topiaries in the shape of clouds, as well as artfully tear fabric and chop down large trees. She also enjoys literature, though mostly about romance, passion, and troll vampires, which are considered a somewhat strange subject on Alternia.

After she is killed by Eridan and brought back to life as a Rainbow Drinker, Kanaya doesn't seem to change much. She is imbued with a hatred for Eridan and is apparently less willing to put up with the massive amount of shit piled on her by her peers as calmly as she usually does. She might a little quicker to react to anything, but that aside, seems to simply be Kanaya plus bloodlust and glowing, if the log between herself, Jade and Karkat is any indicator. She still cares for her friends, going as far as to bandage them whenever she drinks their blood, and she still retains that knack for auspisticeing she always had.

Abilities and Weaknesses:

It can be assumed from the storyline that trolls are a rather durable species and strong. Tavros has gotten pushed off a cliff and ended up paralyzed instead of dead. Vriska was able to get up, shake off a missing eye and arm, and concentrate enough to mind control one person and a dragon across a planet. Karkat has been stabbed multiple times and hasn't died. Kanaya, despite her frame, has no problem wielding a large chainsaw.

Unlike most trolls, Kanaya can withstand the Alternian sun and as an extension, most intense lights, without complications. As the Alternian sun can blind trolls if stared at for a few seconds, this is rather significant. Also, she knows how to use a chainsaw very very well.

As a Rainbow Drinker, Kanaya is subject to a boost in strength, possibly putting her on par with Equius, with a little more actual control over her strength. She kicked Gamzee in the dick so hard he flew out of his shoes and acceccories, punched one of Vriska's pupils loose, and cut Eridan in half with a chainsaw with no resistance what-so-ever. She also glows in the dark and thirsts for blood.

As for weaknesses, there is only so much damage a troll can handle without dying. But as a rainbow drinker, the only things that can kill Kanaya are beheading or a massive amount of blood loss, as she is pretty much undead so stabbing her in the heart doesn't really do anything. Along with this, Kanaya has an intense need to help people and sometimes trusts a little too quickly, which can often get her in trouble. This doesn't apply to some robots and A.I., due to her experiences with most of them.

As a Rainbow Drinker, Kanaya is subject to a lust for blood that most likely can only be sated by troll blood, as human blood doesn't have the same biological make-up and would have unknown side-effects. She doesn't go long without blood in the Veil, but it can be speculated that going for a long time without it effects her well-being in a manner similar to fatigue, starvation or dehydration.


A Fetching Red Dress

Chainsaw/Tube of two-sided lipstick (Jade green/black): The technology (That I am not going to bother to explain since Hussie doesn't) allows her lipstick to become a chainsaw, and vice versa.

Shattered Remnants of the Matriorb


As a troll, she has gray skin, orange horns, sharp teeth and black hair. Her hair is boy-short and her horns are rather simple, both pointing upward and curving slightly with one bent downward. Her teeth are rather normal, with the exception of her canines, which are prominent enough to poke out of her mouth, having her fangs resemble that of a vampire's. She is usually seen in her work clothes, eye make-up, and wearing either green or black lipstick.

Due to the art style, there is no real size or shape difference for the trolls, and eveytime someone asks the author he tells us they are all roughly the same everything (pfffffffffffff). I can either assume that they are all anatomically similar as portrayed in Hero and Hussnasty Mode, or I can bullshit like I did before and like everyone else is doing now.


Hero Mode

Hussnasty Mode

Age: Six solar sweeps (Thirteen in human years)

OC/AU Justification ;
If AU, How is Your Version Different From Canon, and How Will That Come Across? N/A
If OC, Did You Run Your Character Through a Mary-Sue Litmus Test? N/A
And What Did You Score? N/A

Samples ;
Samples ;
Log Sample:
Here. Permission granted by Vic.

Network Sample:
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Note: I am definitely bringing her back in with all her memories, so there is that. That is a thing that is happening.