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Kanaya Maryam ♍ grimAuxiliatrix ([personal profile] mcfussyfangs) wrote2013-02-06 08:08 pm
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OOC: Permissions Post

It has come to my attention that not everyone is comfortable with characters from MS Paint Adventures: Homestuck, usually for the following reasons:

- Invasive popularity
- Annoyingly complex.
- The way the characters type. (Ex; Similar To This Attempt At An Example)
- You are sick to fucking death of hearing about it.

And possibly more. So in order to be courteous, I'm extending an offer to anyone who doesn't want to deal with my character.

Post here if you:

- Don't want Kanaya to interact with your character at all. (This applies to both log and network posts.)
- Don't want her to Type Like This when she addresses you through the network.