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Application for AsgardEventide


OOC Information;

Name; Surge

Personal Journal; surgeprisingly

Contact; surgeprisingly @ plurk | HPlus Future (AIM)

Other Characters; N/A

IC Information;

Character Name; Kanaya Maryam

Canon; Homestuck (Wiki + Webcomic)

Canon Point; End of Act 6 Act 3

Age; 15(ish)

House; Freya

While a good argument can be made for Sigyn’s house due to her desire to hatch the Matriorb in Act 5, at the point she’s from Kanaya isn’t sure if hatching it is really what she wants, or if that is really what’s for the best. She’s stated that all she wants to do is to have it again and keep it safe, even though hatching it would actually revive her entire race from the brink of extinction. At this point, she’s more concerned with keeping what is left of her friends safe, as shown by her attacking of Meenah and her desire to kill Gamzee before he causes more damage. It’s understandable, since most of their friends died during Act 5, and she wants to keep the ones she has safe, as well as regain the Matriorb and beat the game.

Sigyn’s house takes those who are willing to help all people and who do things do things for the good of “humanity”. While Kanaya is certainly helpful to a decent enough extent, the safety of strangers isn’t exactly her prerogative in comparison to the safety of people she knows and loves. While she harbors no instant animosity towards people she doesn’t know, she’s unlikely to choose helping the all over helping her her friends. If the two coincide, then she will do it, but if helping a large group of people would come at the cost of her friend’s safety, she wouldn’t participate. Even if a friend of hers did something particularly unsavory, it’s unlikely she’d side against them unless what the action they took got someone she was closer to in trouble. Despite Vriska’s wholesale slaughter of other members of their race via FLARP and mind control, Kanaya never once chastises her on killing a bunch of strangers (since she knows it is necessary and) and only gets upset when she starts targeting their mutual friends.

Furthermore, being killed by Eridan seems to have changed her opinion when it comes to helping everybody. Her death allowed her to see that not everyone deserves help, and she is obviously unwilling to help people whose endeavors would harm her friends. While Kanaya is helpful, we have only ever seen her being helpful towards people she considers friends. She’s unhelpful towards Rose until later on in the story when she begins considering her a friend, and the moment Eridan, Gamzee and Vriska start stepping out of those bounds and murdering their mutual friends, she has no problem bringing the consequences to their doorsteps. She is a grim auxiliatrix, meaning that she is willing to get her hands dirty to help a friend, and if that means going against a mob, she would have no problem with it.

Power;  Charm


Kanaya is one of the most calm and stoic trolls in the story. She doesn't show outward emotion easily, not because she is incapable of it, but because she can deal with plenty of things without flipping her shit. Most unusual occurrences are met with the slightest change in facial expression, unless the event is particularly shocking (which has been happening with more frequency as the series progresses).

Kanaya comes off as content and patient with just about everyone she talks to. The key-phrase in this is “just about”, because she will get sassy and snarky at people who attempt to give her shit, as seen with Eridan, Vriska, and just about anyone else who annoys her to a large degree. When dealing with someone she perceives as having screwed her over (e.g. Rose at the start of their interactions), she can be impolite, uncouth, and downright rude if she feels like it.

Her life and undeath center around her duties for quite some time. She considers it her duty to help out her friends and her duty to be Vriska’s moirail, which is why she never acts on her redrom feelings. Despite the fact that her lusus raised her from a wriggler, she does cut her open and take the Matriorb from her gut because that’s what she promised to do. When presented with the idea that letting her race die out might actually be better than trying to restart it, Kanaya doesn’t seem to care about bringing it back so much as taking care of the Matriorb and keeping it safe like she told her Mother Grub she would. There’s a good chance that Kanaya finds the Matriorb to be a reminder of her lusus like Terezi finds her blindness to be a reminder of hers.

Kanaya is very devoted to helping her friends, even when they don't want her help. Most of the other trolls regard her tendency to interfere as meddling or mistake it as an attempt to auspistice. When they do need someone to help mediate between two trolls, Kanaya is usually the one they turn to. Eridan calls her the "twwo wwheel devvice of auspisticing" because she cannot seem to keep herself out of other trolls problems. She’s very good at what she does, but acknowledges that the ashen quadrant is tedious and emotionally unfulfilling. She participates in it because she cares about the happiness of her friends and puts their welfare above her own.

Kanaya's tendency to help her friends can get rather creepy when one realises that she doesn't often take their option into account and that she helps them whether they like it or not, because she tends to think she knows what’s best.  She is more than willing to get her hands dirty if she thinks it will benefit them in the long run, and that can sometimes be carried to extremes. Her rationality and desire to help tend to mingle and cloud her common sense which leads to strange things happening that she will insist is for the person's own good. She chainsaws Tavros' legs off without asking his permission, and has Equius replace them with robotic ones simply because she thinks that she may as well since they don’t work anyway.

However, she’s not always so kind and willing to help, especially when the person who is asking her for help treats her attempts at assistance with little appreciation and tries to order her around. When Eridan badgered her for help regarding his problems, she either dismissed him or looked for a quick solution because she found him annoying. This results in her making a powerful wand as a quick solution to his problem, which results in him eventually using it to murder two people (her being one of them) and blind another. While Kanaya likes to help, she doesn’t always think things through and her emotions can sometimes get the better of her, which can lead her to be irresponsible in this regard.  Additionally, while Kanaya is mostly polite, she’s also willing to tell someone when they’ve screwed up or otherwise calling them out on any unwarranted malicious behavior.

Kanaya’s level-headed demeanor does occasionally slip. When Rose destroyed the gate she needed to go through to get further in SGRUB, Kanaya is gobsmacked and asked Rose what the hell she did and what the hell she was thinking. However, she’s better at reining in her emotions than most of the cast and while she appears to return to her usual calm mood, she does continuously express concern for Rose's well-being and state of mind. It isn't so much that she has no emotions or empathy, just that they typically don’t cause her to start yelling or screaming. Whenever she is upset, it’s difficult to tell because she doesn’t seem to lose her cool and she has a tendency to bottle it up.

Kanaya Maryam is the kind of troll who helps, she doesn’t get help. It simply doesn’t happen. There is a chance that she considers the problems of her friends more important than her own, since they seem to be less capable of dealing with them.  She tends to keep her personal issues to herself because she perceives them to be unnecessary burden on others. This, compound with Vriska’s self-centeredness and her red feelings, is probably why they were a disaster as a pale couple. Sharing her feelings is usually a very awkward ordeal for her and has to be carefully coaxed out most of the time. Living in a desert hundreds of miles away from society, with a giant bug-mom you know is going to die soon, while being apart of a naturally violent race and learning your social cues from the internet, don't typically make for the most socially savvy and emotionally open individual.

Kanaya also has a few issues with being factitious, as Eridan states that she will joke around with others but that she never outright lies. She will use sarcasm or snark, but it’s always obvious that that is what she’s doing. It isn't that she can't, just that she doesn't. She never lies to people or sugarcoats the truth so long as they know what to ask. Because Doc Scratch raised her for a brief period of time, there is a chance she doesn't see lies of omission as actual lies. She will be curt about certain things, and snarky about others, but Kanaya never lies.

You can pretty much tack the phrase "Unlike most trolls" onto anything that describes Kanaya and her tastes. She can withstand the Alternian Sun, which has canonically blinded another troll who looked at it for a short time, and actively enjoys the light it gives off. Kanaya enjoys fashion and landscaping, partaking in them both with varying intensity and delicacy. She is very accomplished in both of these, being able to make dresses and chainsaw topiaries in the shape of clouds, as well as tear fabric and chop down large trees. She also enjoys literature, though mostly about romance, passion, and troll vampires, which are considered a somewhat strange subject on Alternia.

After she is killed by Eridan and brought back to life as a rainbow drinker, Kanaya doesn't seem to change much. She is imbued with a hatred for Eridan and is apparently less willing to put up with the massive amount of shit piled on her by her peers as calmly as she usually does. She might be a little quicker to react, but that aside, seems to simply be Kanaya plus bloodlust and glowing, if the log between herself, Jade and Karkat is any indicator. She still cares for her friends, going as far as to bandage them whenever she drinks their blood, and she still retains that knack for auspisticing she always had.

However, she does feel that she is to blame for some of the events that happened on the Veil. She feels stupid for having trusted Eridan to help her with the Matriorb, and for having given him the weapon he used to cause so much damage. She also feels like she's failed their race and her duties by allowing the Matriorb to be destroyed. By the time they are rocketing through the Furthest Ring on the meteor, she has come to terms with what she has done and is willing to take the necessary steps to make up for it. She’s also trying to actively kill Gamzee for what he did to Nepeta and Equius, as well as the fact that she knows he is an uncontrollable variable that could possibly ruin everything. Or kill them all. Or ruin everything and kill them all.

Still, despite her seemingly relaxed nature, Kanaya is a troll.

She is nice. For a troll.

She is calm. For a troll.

She is reasonable. For a troll.

And when your race is made up of violent sociopaths, that’s something to pat yourself on the back for. In addition to that, Kanaya is also a rainbow drinker and does experience a thirst for blood. She didn’t see any problem drinking from a corpse or from an unsuspecting ally when she was going after Eridan, but it’s doubtful that she will be so eager to do that under normal circumstances.

So she isn't like a normal human child or even a normal human being. When push comes to shove, Kanaya will maim, maul, and/or kill. She does hold grudges and she does get angry, so sometimes nature gets the better of nurture and since her society doesn't exactly discourage violence, she doesn't see anything wrong with using it in specific situations. When Sollux is injured and Feferi is killed by Eridan, Kanaya is calm and ready to face him, only to completely lose it once the Matriorb is destroyed and rush at him, getting herself killed. She is more than happy to subdue people when they get out of control; for instance, she doesn't kill Vriska or Gamzee. Still, she has her limits and she knows when a person is simply too dangerous to keep around. Eridan was both that, and the destroyer of what little hope they had, so she had no problem killing him, and would have no problem killing anyone like him. That is, in fact, probably why she wants to kill Gamzee. She will do what she perceives as something that needs to be done, and is unlikely to hesitate unless it involves an emotional dilemma.